Taxi Insurance

Dedicated cover for self-employed taxi drivers and taxi corporations 

If you drive a taxi, or operate a taxi business, it is a legal requirement for you have to have specific Taxi Insurance in place to properly protect your business, your customers and the general public.


Due to higher mileage and the risks of carrying passengers, this type of cover tends to be more expensive than commercial vehicle insurance. This is why it’s important to make sure you’re not paying for cover features that you don’t need. Our specialist team will also be able to offer you guidance and advice on reducing your premium by implementing features such as dash cams, additional security and black box technology.

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It’s important that no matter the size of your taxi operation that your insurance accounts for liability issues. If you hire staff you will be legally required to have Employers’ Liability cover in place regardless, but as well as this, every taxi service needs the right level of Public Liability cover in place.


Cover features include: 

◐  No Claims Bonus
◐  Public & Employers’ Liability
◐  Courtesy Car
◐  Road Risks
◐  Public & Private Hire
◐  Windscreen Cover
◐  Breakdown
◐  Limited Mileage Discount

Liability cover for Taxi Drivers


Our team will source your cover based on a number of factors, including whether you operate a public or private hire service and if multiple drivers operate your vehicle. We cater for different types of vehicles including cars, minibuses, black cabs and MPVs.


 We will work with you to ensure you get your liability protection right from the outset. So, if something goes wrong you will have the financial resources available to cover legal fees, court costs and potentially compensation pay-outs.


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