Tradesmen Insurance

Defend your trade with seamless cover

Tradesmen require more than a standard insurance policy as even if you operate in the same area as another tradesmen, your role, priorities and vulnerabilities could be vastly different.


The protection you need will be dependent on the type of trade you specialise in, the people you typically work for and other factors such as if you have employees, whether you own or hire plant and the stipulations of any contracts you’re privy to.


Find Insurance NI will work with you to ensure your business is rigorously protected, taking into account the risks that you are susceptible to. No matter if you are a building, carpenter, electrician or something else, we will ensure you have the cover you need.

Painting doorframe to depict tradesman insurance by Find Insurance NI
Working on building plans to depict tradesman insurance by Find Insurance NI

Many tradesmen work in other people’s/businesses’ properties and if something happens due to your negligence, you could be responsible to cover the damages. From a dropped can of paint to a fire caused by faulty wiring, the consequences of a mistake can range from minor rework to devastating damage, which means your insurance needs to be flexible to accommodate for this.


Cover features include: 

◐  Professional Indemnity (PI)
◐  Employers’ & Public Liability
◐  Contract Works
◐  Business Interruption
◐  Hired in Plant/Own Plant
◐  Stock and Tools
◐  Goods in Transit
◐  Personal Accident

Cover for Commercial Vehicles


If you use a vehicle as part of your business, we will arrange tailored protection for this under your policy, as standard motor cover is not sufficient for commercial vehicles. This can protect your tools and equipment while they are in transit and can be extended to multiple drivers if required.

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